"Anni Lorenzini's Vermont Paintings show a longtime of looking and appreciating the broad stretches of color coupled with the small and dear oddities.  This is observation, caring and skill at its best...."
                     Louise von Weise, Co-Founder
                        Vermont Studio Center

   "Anni Lorenzini's technique evolves, in exciting ways.  Her aesthetic continues to transform and transcend the landscape"
                     Laura Foster, Director Emerita
                        Frederic Remington Art Museum
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This art book provides a needed answer to why paint the landscape rather than how-to paint a landscape. 

 Contemporary American artist Anni Lorenzini is a powerful soft-spoken voice in the tradition of American landscape painting. Her work can awaken what is lost in the frantic digital world: making space for contemplation and inspiration. 

This useful artbook considers the infinite possibilities of creating with paint. Lorenzini explores paint application from the perspective of traditional women's work. Includes thoughtful ideas for students, artists, and art lovers into the process of painting, the value of a place, and the importance of continually learning from one's work. 

Gary Clark offers a passionate forward on Landscape painting followed by a historical essay on landscape painting and Lorenzini's work entitled Lovely, Dark and Deep Anni Lorenzini's Woodland Path by Katherine French. Inspiration from Edna St. Vincent Millay's poem Renascence, and 48 full-color illustrations, a novel and pertinent addition for libraries and personal collections.